“Wuld you like a story?” he asked. “A tale that will grant you peace?”


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"Let’s find a quiet spot..."

Step into the world of “Ain’t Nothing but a Stranger in this World” with a preview of the first few chapters.

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Bruce Sudds

“When I searched myself, I knew I was a writer. That was something. I had this calling to write, and I couldn’t deny it. I wondered if part of the reason I was lost was that I had convinced myself I was a scribbler, but I had no story to tell. I had no success that meant much to me. I had won contracts and awards as a journalist, copywriter, speechwriter, and editor. But when I tried to write a book, I found I quickly exited through the side door. The subjects couldn’t hold me.”

Page 14 – Ain’t Nothin’ But a Stranger in this World

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‘This is a beautifully moving novel. It’s in part memoir, which makes it all the more so. The story is based on a tragedy that happened to the author in his youth, a tragedy that has haunted him for decades. As fact-based fiction with a touch of magic, he has creatively and compassionately recreated how the tragic loss of a child affects a number of people, illustrating how very connected we all are, and that no one is ever forgotten.”

Sandra Gulland, Author of the The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

“Bruce Sudds has written a prismatic and deeply heartfelt exploration of grief, a deep dive into the ramifications of our earliest tragedies. Ain’t Nothin’ But A Stranger In This World is as raw as fiction gets.”

Mark Sampson, author of All the Animals on Earth and The Slip.